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WASTELINQ Enterprise | All-In-One Waste Management Software

Waste Management Tools & Benefits

Environmental services are no longer an afterthought. Now, everyone realizes that environmental services and waste management are mission-critical endeavors that protect people and our environment from hazards and toxins. And it’s not easy! The rules are complex and confusing, trained staff are hard to find, and environmental stewardship isn’t a line item on the P&L. WASTELINQ Enterprise combines waste profiling, order management (including e-manifest integration), waste tracking, transportation scheduling & management, financial reporting and more into a comprehensive waste management software. Let WASTELINQ Enterprise serve as a force multiplier to expand your reach to a larger customer base and save you time and money.

Accurate, Realtime Web-Based Data & Cost

Every Service Provider has mountains of data, but few Service Providers can leverage that data into actionable information. WASTELINQ Enterprise serves as a single source of truth that not only stores your data but also converts it into information that helps you make strategic and operational decisions.

WASTELINQ Enterprise enables you to:

  • Track revenue Capture prices and costs for improved invoicing
  • Create financial and other business reports
  • Monitor customer history and profitability
  • Predict service requirements
  • Comply with regulatory reporting demands
  • Follow real-time progress as waste streams move through transit and storage

Efficiency & Productivity Through Workflows

Providing superior customer service means coordinating activities across multiple groups—including technical, sales, logistics and customer service. By streamlining and standardizing complex business processes, WASTELINQ Enterprise creates efficiencies that give you confidence your customer will have a satisfying experience. In contrast to the industry-wide talent shortage, the WASTELINQ Enterprise software reports to duty 24/7, reducing redundancies and securely storing data to enhance data integrity. Service Providers report up to 40% productivity gains after working with WASTELINQ Enterprise to automate administrative data entry and scale processes.

Full-Featured Waste E-Manifest Software

The EPA’s national waste manifest software, e-Manifest, is predicted to save state and industry users $50 million each year compared to paper manifests. WASTELINQ Enterprise is fully compatible with e-Manifest, with an integrated interface to create and submit e-Manifests online from within the WASTELINQ Enterprise customer order page. Packaging your waste manifest software and waste management tool together is a prime example of how WASTELINQ Enterprise eliminates needless steps to simplify processes.

Follow Waste Streams at Your Fingertips with WASTELINQ Mobile

WASTELINQ Mobile’s fast functionality brings you the connection, simplicity and transparency of WASTELINQ Enterprise on the go. Our iOS app allows Service Providers to manage orders, profiles, price requests and supplies directly from their mobile devices. Facilitate waste material pickup orders, view, edit and add new waste profiles or price requests and maintain supply orders at your convenience. From desktop to mobile, WASTELINQ Enterprise gives providers the flexibility to optimize waste flow without slowing down the pace of a busy day. 

Optimized Transportation Routing

Uniformly manage transportation for route efficiencies and maximize reach through assigned zones as you designate orders to your drivers and third-party transporters. A fully functional transportation management system is at your fingertips through WASTELINQ Enterprise’s transportation scheduling dashboard.

Track Waste from Pickup to Disposal

Track waste data, including distance traveled, materials handled, and vehicle types deployed via WASTELINQ Enterprise’s transportation module, following containers and waste from pickup to disposal. Enjoy mobile access on the move to ensure waste is progressing even as you’re away from your desk. Track waste revenue by product or service via the order management module for a conclusive understanding of your income. Easily navigate to the built-in e-Manifest portal as needed to submit manifests and ensure compliance.

Expand Functionality with Advanced Modules

We’ve worked with numerous Service Providers to expand the scope of WASTELINQ Enterprise’s functionality to accommodate special capabilities. Peer professionals in the industry tested and requested these key capabilities to further enhance the already innovative WASTELINQ Enterprise experience. Customize your WASTELINQ Enterprise with advanced features as needed for a competitive edge.

Built-In Order Management

Track sales activities, manage jobs, and improve internal communication to help your sales and operation teams work more efficiently. Understand what your team has in the pipeline to help you make strategic and operational decisions while streamlining communication between departments.

StreamLINQ Market Analysis Tool

Access historical waste stream data for potential new customers directly from WASTELINQ Enterprise. StreamLINQ supplies critical market information on generators, territories and disposal facilities to help track regional and industry-wide shipment trends. Take it a step further by analyzing and tracking shipment volumes from existing or potential customers to provide better service and capitalize on opportunities to optimize waste routing. 

Advanced TSDF Waste Processing

Designed for Service Providers permitted to process waste, the Advanced Waste Tracking module expands upon WASTELINQ Enterprise’s standard abilities to track waste. Assign a unique identifier to each container, communicate each container's grade, weight and processing instructions and track 10-day compliance for individual containers.

Customer-Facing Portal

Gain a larger share of your customer’s business with the WASTELINQ Enterprise Customer Portal, developed to improve communication and workflow in a secure, trackable manner. Mitigate risks with documented communication, customize customer data collection and save time with streamlined communication channels.

Advanced Lab Pack

WASTELINQ Enterprise’s Advanced Lab Pack module assists field personnel in identifying chemical compatibilities and packing lab materials safely and cost-effectively. Create an efficient workflow process from the formation of container inventories to invoicing to reduce the challenges associated with this essential part of your business.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

If fingerprint sampling is required to receive waste at your facility, the WASTELINQ Enterprise Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) module is just what you need to test, document and track each shipment that arrives. Receive a Certificate of Analysis immediately via email and readily generate invoices upon receipt and approval.


Accept credit card payments from your customers directly in the WASTELINQ Enterprise platform. This decreases the time it takes to receive cash from your customers while providing a safe and secure way to process transactions.

AXCESS Business Intelligence (BI)

Leverage your WASTELINQ Enterprise data in new ways and take action quickly with AXCESS BI. Create powerful visualizations that let you identify issues before they happen. Identify trends to help you make better decisions around your business and be more profitable than ever before.

Accounting System & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration

WASTELINQ Enterprise integrates with the leading accounting and ERP software packages to extend capabilities beyond base-level invoicing, accounts payable and receivable. Our custom configurations are specific to your business, so call our sales team to see how we can help streamline processes and reduce redundancies.

How Does WASTELINQ Enterprise Streamline Your Process?

While most of the Service Providers we work with fall into one of the categories below, we approach every client with an open mind to best plan how to integrate each unique method seamlessly with WASTELINQ Enterprise.

No More Manual Documentation

A significant portion of our clients come to us with filing cabinets stacked to the brim with documentation haphazardly filed and easily forgotten amidst the flood of paperwork. Maintaining the staff support to keep up with ongoing admin work simply isn’t sustainable in the long term and can be prohibitive to growth. Securing data and documents in one central location frees up time to focus more on what matters as you look toward the future.

No More Risk of Loss or Damage

While it can be comforting to hold a hard copy in your hand, a flood, fire or misplaced file during a move can leave all of your hard work destroyed. WASTELINQ Enterprise is cloud-based with mobile capabilities, so all information is backed up and readily available wherever you go.

Easy to Find Historical Data

Even the best filing systems can be faulty with one wrong placement or misunderstanding, so when it’s time to consult with a customer, you’re stuck and unable to back up your claims with critical data. WASTELINQ Enterprise stores all documentation in one place to minimize risk. More importantly, you can easily locate pertinent paperwork through numerous filtering and searching capabilities to pull up exactly what you need in seconds.

Access Anywhere with Internet

We don’t doubt your recall reflex is impressive while chatting with a customer on the road or away from the office, but why not take the burden off your busy mind? Instead of offering vague details while away from your computer, you can have the order data you’re looking for at your fingertips to resolve issues and move on with your day quickly.

Reduce Proprietary System Headaches

Creating your own custom software might initially make you feel more in control of your business, but it also adds the burden of upkeep as you maintain the software. The time you save streamlining functionality across the app goes right back into troubleshooting, debugging and updating until it’s a headache you don’t have time for. Software is in WASTELINQ’s wheelhouse, and coming from a waste background ourselves, we want to standardize and automate the processes that have stunted the growth of our industry. When Service Providers experience the ease of WASTELINQ Enterprise, they truly take control and reach a whole new level of productivity while we cheer you on from the sidelines.

Reliable Support & Training

WASTELINQ’s onboarding process is comprehensive because we want our clients to successfully transition to a streamlined waste management software like WASTELINQ Enterprise. We train your team and assist with data entry with our hands-on approach and support every step of the way.

More Focus on Your Customers

Optimizing your process to focus on what matters instead of constantly needing to find solutions for a failing software system opens the door for increased customer interaction and improved communication. With WASTELINQ’s substantial industry reach, you receive access to previously unavailable markets to allow growth and expansion unobtainable through your current software that has you stuck.

Fully Integrated System

Gone are the days of toggling back and forth between multiple open tabs and logins when your software is unable to keep up with the customization you need to retrieve everything in one place. Access all of the important documents and data you need in our fully integrated document management system with e-Manifest compatibility for faster data retrieval and intuitive interactivity you can’t find in a basic system. /p>

Spreadsheet Functionality for the Waste Industry

Spreadsheets require consistent upkeep and regular data entry that Service Providers simply don’t have time for if they want to build a larger business presence and place staff in mission-critical roles. Instead, rely on one-time data entry to WASTELINQ Enterprise’s secure server and watch as data is shared across the whole system without maintaining various spreadsheets.

Proven Workflows for Efficiency

Experience a complete change in how you conduct business with automation introduced to your most tedious tasks. Develop digital invoices in just a few clicks, send service confirmations automatically and proactively schedule orders to stay ahead of order requests.

Scalable Solution as You Grow
Spreadsheets are not conducive to streamlining and integration, and as such, they act as a weight that holds your business back from potentially exponential growth. You can continue to add cells until the spreadsheet is unintelligible or count on our all-encompassing waste management software that invites growth at scale and propels your productivity to new heights.
Reliable Support & Training
WASTELINQ trains and onboards your team to take advantage of all functionality on the tool so you can trust you are getting the most out of it and receiving support when you need it. Spreadsheets can’t spell out how a certain input relates to the bigger picture, but WASTELINQ provides meaning to the data you’re collecting as it relates to the big picture of your business.

How Does WASTELINQ Enterprise Compare to WASTELINQ’s Other Waste Management Software & Related Offerings?

At WASTELINQ, we present “service as a software” to Service Providers who share the same commitment to customer service we do. Our products are packaged as software, but our software is a means to provide increased capacity for you to provide better solutions to your customers. With this in mind, we have a variety of waste management tools available alongside WASTELINQ Enterprise, depending on your goals and business needs. Our software supports Service Providers at every stage of the waste value chain with connection, simplicity and transparency.


For independent brokers wanting to simplify waste transportation and documentation for their customers, TERRALINK is our base waste management software to maintain waste manifests and print paperwork to coordinate moving waste to the proper disposal facility. TERRALINK is a simplified waste management tool to start streamlining your processes. Waste Service Providers seeking a full-scale waste management solution often opt for WASTELINQ Enterprise as an enterprise resource planning tool to not only manage manifests but also track orders, control inventory and more.


WASTELINQ Enterprise users can supercharge WASTELINQ into service as a software by becoming a part of WASTELINQ Network. You read that right: we’re a service company first. Software happens to be the way we deliver our service. You can devote yourself to customer-facing endeavors by leveraging exclusive access to a full suite of outsourced tech-enabled services, including technical profiling, disposal, transportation and other back-office processes, delivered via our best-in-class WASTELINQ Enterprise software to increase the scope of your customer service capabilities. Use WASTELINQ’s scale, proprietary algorithms, and modules to source disposal, transportation, supplies, and other related goods and services critical to your success. Our clients gain a powerful force multiplier across all environmental services value chain elements, achieving exponential growth with unprecedented access to a nationwide network of waste Service Providers.

Professional Services

WASTELINQ’s professional services aim to prepare you for success with our software solutions. For assistance integrating our tools with your workflow and business processes, get in touch with a WASTELINQ representative for exclusive insight.


EnviroWare is designed for large corporations or companies with internal environmental service teams who work directly with disposal facilities to transport waste. Centralize your waste management services and streamline your operations with one convenient waste management software optimized for efficiency. Only WASTELINQ Enterprise users receive access to WASTELINQ’s exclusive Network, so internal teams desiring increased connectivity across the industry are better suited to WASTELINQ Enterprise.

Ready for a Simplified Approach to Hazardous Waste Management? Talk to a WASTELINQ Rep About TERRALINK for Your Waste Management Software! 

Take control of your workflow with TERRALINK. Save time, cut back on tedious tasks and enjoy simplified access to waste stream and inventory data. Our hazardous waste manifest and waste label printing software takes the redundancy out of your day so you can build your customer base.

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