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TERRALINK: Hazardous Waste Manifest & Label Printing Software

Hazardous Waste Management Software Tools & Benefits

TERRALINK is built for the determined broker or transporter who wants to take control of their workflow and enhance their capabilities with hazardous waste label printing software. Customize, simplify, automate, share and streamline waste profiles and manifests to make coordinating waste streams the easiest part of your job. Putting TERRALINK’s hazardous waste management software to work for you gives you a leg up in the industry. It allows you to serve more customers with quicker, more convenient service to help you grow your business.

Track Generators

Generators are the lifeblood of your business, so it’s important to have all the information you need to service them in a quick and efficient manner all in one spot. See their profiles, manifests, related documents, contact information, billing information and important notes all from one easy-to-access hazardous waste management software in your browser.

Store Profiles

Maintain everything you need to know about a generator profile, including all applicable waste codes, physical and chemical properties and any other critical information. Through our application, you can also manage all disposal facility approvals for each profile so you and your team are always up-to-date with regulatory standards. All manifests and related documentation are linked to the profile for easy access.

Create Manifests

Quickly and easily create your shipping manifest straight from the generator, and add your profiles, waste codes, containers and shipping information from one simplified screen. Generate paperwork directly from our hazardous waste manifest and label printing software, and it will automatically save all important documents for future retrieval.

Manage Dashboards & Reports

TERRALINK is equipped with a set of reporting tools to compile the information you need for regulatory reporting and to gather further insight into your business. Our robust reporting dashboard gives you the flexibility to configure data easily, so typically, time-draining tasks can be completed in no time at all.

Enjoy Improved Accessibility

TERRALINK is built on the same “software as a service” technology as our flagship WASTELINQ Network and WASTELINQ Enterprise products, which means there is no need to install anything locally on a computer. You never have to worry about system maintenance or updates. You can access the application anywhere at any time on any device!

How Does TERRALINK Simplify Your Process?

TERRALINK transforms the way independent brokers do business. Our hazardous waste management software doesn’t require maintaining an infrastructure to support our functionality. Easily navigate to your web browser to access your TERRALINK dashboard and take advantage of our tools from one convenient location on the web. Efficiencies are ingrained into one central web portal you can access anywhere with the internet, anytime. Most of the brokers we work with fall into one of the categories below. Still, we take a unique approach and provide specialized insight to each of our clients to help you smoothly integrate our TERRALINK waste management software with your business processes.

No More Manual Documentation

Most of the independent brokers we work with are burdened with mounds of paperwork but don’t have the storage capacity or administrative resources to keep up with the high volume of hard copies long-term. In trying to keep up with this busy work, there’s not a lot of opportunity to expand business capabilities or reach new customers. Our hazardous waste manifest software allows you to transform your focus to strengthening customer relationships by securely storing waste stream data in one convenient dashboard that you can access in seconds.

Increase Productivity with Electronic Paperwork

As a hazardous waste label printing software, TERRALINK makes it easy to access your data online OR print out a hard copy when you need it, without having to file it away or worry about finding it again later. Independent brokers can achieve the best of both worlds by cutting out the administrative burden and accelerating their ability to access and file paperwork online.

Scale Customer Growth with Quick Customer Service

By introducing automation and digitizing your data, TERRALINK does the tedious tasks in the background while you put your customers at the forefront. Managing manifests has never been easier, freeing up time and energy to expand your customer base and deliver more timely service to your customers.

Access Anywhere with Internet

Embrace the benefits of your independent business with a hazardous waste management software designed to deliver results on your schedule. There’s no need to be confined to your home or office filing cabinet. As long as you have an internet connection, TERRALINK takes your waste data and inventory with you so you can continue to serve customers at your convenience while going about your day.

Less Reliance on Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets lack the security and scalability gained by working with hazardous waste management software. Protecting waste stream data in a secure dashboard online instead of maintaining rows and rows of spreadsheet data opens doors for you to serve your customers more efficiently. TERRALINK is dynamically built to optimize the independent broker workflow, curating custom functions, reports and inventory management capabilities just for you. No stagnant spreadsheet is required.

Proven Workflows for Efficiency

By automating manifest generation and providing all the functionality you need for your preferred workflow, TERRALINK is a sidekick you can count on with the sole goal of streamlining your productivity. The WASTELINQ team continually updates and enhances our TERRALINK hazardous waste manifest software so our clients can continue to receive all the best features to simplify their processes directly from their web browsers.

Scalable Solution as You Grow

TERRALINK’s built-in search and filtering features allow you to quickly break down data and share reports with interested parties or regulatory agencies as needed. The time it would take to lay out thousands of transactions over time and locate a specific data point on a spreadsheet is dramatically reduced with intuitive software that identifies what you’re looking for in a flash. Data is easily available even as your business grows and you continue compiling more waste stream data.

Reliable Support & Training

WASTELINQ’s waste industry experts help you work the way you want to. We are as involved as you need us to be while you onboard to the TERRALINK software, answering questions and providing ready support as you go so you can take advantage of all TERRALINK has to offer right away. For software with a personal touch, WASTELINQ is your trusted partner.

How Does TERRALINK Compare to WASTELINQ’s Other Waste Management Software & Related Offerings?

WASTELINQ’s custom waste management software solutions cover every stage of the waste value chain. Connection, simplicity and transparency are the guiding principles behind all of our waste management tools built to complement workflow and processes for brokers, corporate environmental service departments and full-scale Waste Service Providers. Independent brokers benefit from TERRALINK’s usability and many of their main job functions in one convenient location. Depending on your needs and the scale of your business, EnviroWare or WASTELINQ Enterprise are also available to expand functionality to meet your business capacity and customer requests better.


EnviroWare provides seamless connections for large corporations or companies with internal environmental service departments coordinating waste transportation directly with disposal facilities. Through one centralized waste management software, environmental service teams can share waste manifests, collaborate internally and with disposal sites and optimize operations for efficiency to benefit the whole company. Corporate waste service teams count on EnviroWare for enhanced interaction, shared information between coworkers and customers, and the ability to digitize and complete essential functions with a few simple clicks.

Enterprise & Network

WASTELINQ Enterprise is WASTELINQ’s all-in-one waste management software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool reported to increase Waste Service Provider productivity by up to 40%. As the ultimate waste management software solution, WASTELINQ Enterprise combines critical functions into one streamlined dashboard, reducing our clients’ reliance on other systems and tools by as much as 90%. If business is booming as a full-time Waste Service Provider, WASTELINQ Enterprise has everything you need to optimize transportation routing, track waste from pickup to disposal and improve waste classification procedures and customer relationships. WASTELINQ Enterprise users receive exclusive access to WASTELINQ Network, where our team takes on building relationships with outsourced parties involved in technical profiling, disposal, transportation and more external waste transactions so you can focus on the relationships that matter most: your customers.

Professional Services

WASTELINQ’s professional services aim to prepare you for success with our software solutions. For assistance integrating our tools with your workflow and business processes, get in touch with a WASTELINQ representative for exclusive insight.

Ready for a Simplified Approach to Hazardous Waste Management? Talk to a WASTELINQ Rep About TERRALINK for Your Waste Management Software! 

Take control of your workflow with TERRALINK. Save time, cut back on tedious tasks and enjoy simplified access to waste stream and inventory data. Our hazardous waste manifest and waste label printing software takes the redundancy out of your day so you can build your customer base.

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